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We are suckers for thoughtful design, and the Korean designers of Kovea have proven time and again that function can actually look good.

From the molded-to-fit box that the stove lives in, to the magnetic fuel canister attachment, every aspect of this stove has clearly been considered. I mean, the volume knob on your old stereo was large and the most used, so why not have the volume adjustment on your stove have the same function? 

With it's click-to-start feature, retro design, and large stereo-style flame adjustment knob, the Kovea Retro is the perfect design to fit into your Westfalia or other classic RV build. 

Other features include a small pan that you can cook in, a lid that doubles as a plate, and under-the-burner storage for both. It's a perfect size for smaller campers or RV's, and with a large surface area you can cook as quickly or slowly as you want. 

As with all the products we sell, we've tested and used this stove personally. That is how it ended up as "our favorite stove." 

Comes with carry box. Fuel sold in-store only.