Victron Inverter Battery Charger for Camping

There are many reasons we love Victron products at GTFOverland. The biggie is the connectivity though. With all of Victron's SmartSolar products, you can connect via a bluetooth app and see real-time and historical data of your rig's solar input and energy usage. It's something we use constantly to monitor the systems and make sure we are building a quality setup for our customers. Victron also makes inverter battery charges for camping that will let you charge your phone, laptop and more! Victorn's Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-50 has pure sine wave 120 volt 60 Hz AC output and adaptive charge technology. If there's a grid failure, or generator power is disconnected, Victron's inverter is activated within 20 milliseconds. Because it takes over so quickly, electronics and computers will continue to operate with no disruption.

Need some help?

Whatever you need for your outdoor living experience, you'll find it here at GTFOverland. For local pickups in the southern California area, stop by our shop in Long Beach and we'll help you pick out the right Victron product for your camping trip. Got a question about Victron inverters? Don't be afraid to email us, we're always happy to help out a fellow outdoor enthusiast.