Solar Chargers


      Portable Solar Panels & Mats for Camping

      Need to harness some power off that purdy globe of fire in the sky? Here's your stuff. We have both rigid and flexible solar panels, collapsible solar mats and all the electrical equipment you need to hook it all up. Our portable solar panels are great for adding power to your camper, RV, overland rig, hard shell roof top tent, or campsite. If you're looking for the best portable solar panels for camping, check out our handpicked selection. These solar mats are what we use for bringing power to our campsite. With these durable and high-quality portable solar mats, you can charge your phone and laptop, or plug in fans, lights or whatever. Our preferred solar power vendors are Sunflare, Hardkorr, Victron Energy, Bay Marine and NewPowa. We love them and think you will too. From Sunflare Xplor panels to Victron's DC/DC charger you'll have all the free power you need for your camp trip or overland adventure. Browse our selection of what we consider some of the best portable power panels out there. And as always, if you don't see something you'd like to see, reach out to us! We aren't scary. Promise. 

      Need some help?

      Whatever you need for your outdoor living experience, you'll find it here at GTFOverland. For local pickups in the southern California area, stop by our shop in Long Beach and we'll hook you up the best portable solar panels for your camp trip. Got a question about our solar mats for camping? Don't be afraid to email us, we're always happy to help out a fellow outdoor enthusiast.