TemboTusk Portable Camping Stove

TemboTusk has products that make camping even sweeter. Known for what could be the most unique camping stove out there. TemboTusk’s skottle is based on a stove that originated in South Africa. Turns out, it’s one of the best stoves for camping we’ve found. You can cook pretty much anything you want on it and setup and disassembly is a snap. When you’re done cooking your grub the stove collapses down to 20 inches, so it’s doesn’t take up much space. With TemboTusk’s portable camping stove you can eat delicious food wherever you decide to camp. TemboTusk also make some heavy-duty fridge slides for vehicles that will easily hold your camping fridge. 

Need some help?

Whatever you need for your outdoor living experience, you'll find it here at GTFOverland. For local pickups in the southern California area, stop by our shop in Long Beach and we’ll get you set up with an awesome TemboTusk product for your camping trip. Got a question about TemboTusk’s portable camping stoves? Don’t be afraid to email us, we’re always happy to help out a fellow outdoor enthusiast.