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Sturdy Bros Overland & Camping Accessories

Sturdy Bros has created some great solutions for the issues all us overland lovers face when traveling off the beaten path. Known for their quality construction, Sturdy Bros’ camping accessories are a must for any camper. Their Overland Roll Up Work Mat is a great example. How many times have you had to climb under your vehicle to check for leaks or some kind of mechanical issue and gotten filthy? It happens to all of us, but this great invention by Sturdy Bros takes care of it. Just unroll the work mat and lie on top of it while you check under your car. When you’re done it can easily be wiped off and you’re good to go. Their waxed canvas tool rolls are a lifesaver when you’re camping or overlanding. Sturdy Bros’ handy tool rolls will hold just the right number of essential tools for whatever repair you need to make to your camper, or overland rig. If you’re shopping for well-made overland gear, Sturdy Bros has got you covered.

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