Krazy Beaver Shovels

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Krazy Beaver Heavy Duty Camping Shovels

Krazy Beaver shovels aren’t your ordinary shovels. Their beach shovel is designed to dig through heavy sand and to clear out mud when it gets trapped under your vehicle which can be a major time-sink. Krazy Beaver’s beach shovel is perforated to eliminate any suction caused by digging in mud. It’s also great for sifting sand when you’re playing on the beach or making sand castles. If you’re looking for the best shovel for camping or off-road use then the Krazy Beaver Super Shovel is the one you need. Their heavy duty Super Shovel is twice as thick as a regular shovel. It can be used for your average the day is going great digging, to the extreme we need to dig through ice and clay "this sucks" kinda digging.

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