GTFO Rental Policy

We want the rental process to be a fun and easy one for you! Please read in full before booking a rental so there are no surprises for anyone :)

General rental policies

  • All tent rentals are $150 minimum. Ideally you pick the tent up on Thursday, and drop it off on Monday. 
  • We want you to have a fantastic experience, and to not feel rushed when heading out on a trip. To help you get there, we allow rentals to be picked up the day before your rental starts, and drop off the day after you return. We feel it is much better to spend some time with us in learning about the product, and not feel like you are missing out on travel hours.
  • Your vehicle  must have some sort of roof rack, with cross bars (spanning the roof from side-to-side), that can hold 150lbs while the car is moving.
  • Any and all damages are the responsibility of the renter, for both the vehicle and the equipment.
  • You are more than welcome to come pick up the tent rental the night before you leave, and drop it off the day after you return.
  • Email us prior to booking the equipment if you have any questions or concerns.
  • You will be required to sign a rental agreement at the time of pickup, indicating that you are responsible for the cost of the product if stolen/damaged/lost.

Rental discount policy

If you rent equipment from us, and decide you want to make a purchase of a similar item within 3 months, we will discount the item by your rental amount. For example: You rent a tent for $150. Then a month later you decide you want to purchase a new Rooftop Tent. The tent that would regularly be $1,100 would be discounted to $950 for you.

Fridge specific rental policies

  • To rent a fridge, you must have an alternate source of power, aside from your vehicle's engine battery. This can be a Goal Zero or similar power bank. 
  • If you do not have an alternate power source, you must also rent our battery/solar combo from us. (We do this because we don't want you to accidentally drain your engine battery, and become stranded somewhere.)
  • If you decide to buy a fridge from us after your rental, we will discount the fridge by the cost of the rental. 
  • Email us prior to booking the equipment if you have any questions or concerns.

Roof top rentals 

Not sure if a roof top tent is right for you? Try one out for a weekend! Need a fridge or an auxiliary battery and solar panel for that family campout? Come grab one on your way out of town!

We are constantly adding new products to our rental lineup, so you can outfit yourself for a weekend without spending a stupid amount of money when you don't need to, Plus, If you end up purchasing a similar product from us, we will discount your purchase by the amount of the rental!

Please note that all tent rentals require your vehicle to have existing crossbars on the roof, and a moving weight capacity of 150lbs.

Got more questions?

For real. Please contact us if you have questions. We want you to be informed and happy with the entire rental process.