NEW Sunflare Xplor FLEX + 140W / Adventure Panel
NEW Sunflare Xplor FLEX + 140W / Adventure Panel
NEW Sunflare Xplor FLEX + 140W / Adventure Panel

NEW Sunflare Xplor FLEX + 140W / Adventure Panel


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Details - NEW Sunflare Xplor FLEX + 140W / Adventure Panel

Previously the 126w Panel, Sunflare was able to squeeze even more watts out of the same footprint, making this the true Goldilocks of panels when it comes to size and space combined.

XPLOR’s Continued Evolution

We're delighted to share some exciting news with you! At XPLOR, we take our commitment to the solar industry seriously and strive to stay ahead with advanced technology. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest solar series, the FLEX+. This latest addition surpasses its predecessor in both power generation and durability, solidifying its position as the standard option for off-grid adventures. We've carefully considered our community's needs and listened to feedback. As a result, we're proud to have delivered our promise to offer the best solar technology.


XPLOR introduces Capture4 solar technology, the first high-precision,
cell-by-cell manufacturing process for exceptional performance and durability.
The environmentally cleanest method of massproducing solar panels
in the world.


90% efficiency output for first 10 years
80% efficiency output 11-25 years

Better at Dawn and Dusk
Sunflare delivers more energy in low light condition.

Better in Poor Weather
Cloudy days, fog, and high humidity, no problem.

Won’t Crack Under Pressure
Flexing can creates cracking in the cell. These cracks reduce the energy output
over time. Sunflare has a flexible stainless steel substrate which does
not micro-crack.

Easy Installation
Fast and low cost installation. Adheres with best quality double sided tape.

Bypass Diodes on Every Cell
Most panels come with only two bypass diodes that string multiple solar cells.
This means if you have shade, debris, or damage on one cell, the entire string of
cells will turn off, making the entire module perform poorly and possibly become
completely useless. Bypass diodes are put in to combat hot spots and keep the
electric current flowing optimally. XPLOR series panels have bypass diodes on
every cell, maximizing its performance and dependability

75% lighter traditional solar

The .127mm stainless
steel substrate allows for
generous curvature.

95% thinner than Traditional
solar modules.

Withstands high impact.
Impervious to heat, wind and
cold. Will not crack..

140 W Flex+ 42

Dimension:  47.2±0.1 in  X 38.6±0.1 in

Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lbs)

Module Thickness: 1.7 mm

Peak Power  (+5/-0%) :

Pmax  140 W Avg.

Cell Efficiency : 17.0%

Peak Power Voltage :  

Vmpp 21.7V

Peak Power Current : 6.8A

Open Circuit Voltage :

Voc 26.5V

Short Circuit Current : Isc 7.7A


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