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Awning and Tent Lights - Hard Korr Easy Fit Light

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I'm just going to say it: Pictures don't do this product justice. 

The easiest way to explain these lights, is to say it's an LED Light Strip inside a canvas strap. That's not the whole story though. The canvas strap also has velcro straps along the way, allowing you to easily fit them to your awning or tent rails. They also have clips at either end, so hanging them is a snap. They come with a dimmer switch, all the cables and 12v plug, so it's like a 10-second setup time. They really are cool.

Comes in two lengths: 1.2 Meters (~4ft) or 2.4 Meters (~8feet)

From the manufacturer:

Don’t get caught with cheap, poor-quality imitations. Join thousands of adventurers who already enjoy the quality and durability of Hard Korr®’s famous LED camping lights. No other brand stands behind their product with a full 2 year USA warrantye.

Hard Korr®’s 8ft (2.4m) easy-fit light is super simple to use. Velcro® strips (sewn into the canvas) and quick connect end clips are included into the design to make mounting of the light easy.

Ideally suited to be used in tent awnings or anywhere you want to set-up a light quickly. The light comes with both orange and white LEDs built into the one strip; the white light is ideal when there are no bugs around, and the naturally bug-repellant orange light is ideal for when bugs are present. In fact the orange light can reduce the presence of bugs by up to 90%!


  • One strip contains both orange and white LEDs
  • IP68 rating means the lights are completely waterproof (in fact they will run under water)
  • Produces almost no heat
  • Very durable, impact and vibration resistant
  • Will not interfere with any video or audio system nearby
  • Velcro® attachment straps and handy carabiner clip ends