Flat Pack by Front Runner

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The right way to use the Flat Pack:
  1. Store a few of them in your home closet. 
  2. Unfold, and fill them with gear/food/clothing.
  3. Walk out of your home and stack them in your car/van/rig/tractor. 
  4. Drive far, far away. 
  5. Laugh at how f**king easy that was. 

 *These are the new version that came out in Fall 2019

From the manufacturer:

This heavy-duty rigid canvas box works double duty as a Wolf Pack insert, or as a stand-alone storage box. Featuring adjustable vinyl lined compartments, two mesh storage pockets, and one zippered water-resistant storage pocket, this smartly designed box is a storage taskmaster. Perfect for food, clothes, camera gear, toiletries, tools, kitchen utensils, etc. Folds completely flat when empty.