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Ok so you are going to go on an adventure. No backing out now. So what are you going to put your stuff in? I mean, your backpack will help. So will your duffel bag or suitcase. But are you going to put cookware and food in your suitcase?
The Flat Pack answers a lot of those questions above. Use one for dry goods like rice, beans, coffee etc., and another for your cookware. They keep the dirt and bugs out with a high-grade zipper, and when you are not using them they fold flat to live in the trunk of your car or in your closet at home.
If you are so inclined, they also fit inside the Front Runner Wolf Pack, for an added layer of protection from dusty environments, or to make them more stackable. 

Labels are included!!

     *These are the new version that came out in Fall 2019

    From the manufacturer:

    This heavy-duty rigid canvas box works double duty as a Wolf Pack insert, or as a stand-alone storage box. Featuring adjustable vinyl lined compartments, two mesh storage pockets, and one zippered water-resistant storage pocket, this smartly designed box is a storage taskmaster. Perfect for food, clothes, camera gear, toiletries, tools, kitchen utensils, etc. Folds completely flat when empty.