Emu Wing

EMUWING GULLWING DOORS Land Rover Discovery 1 (4 door) 1989-1998

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Coming soon to the USA! GTFO is proud to be the U.S. importer of this amazing brand of cargo doors for select vehicles. 

We are expecting arrivals to start in late August, and are taking pre-orders now.

Please feel free to call us or email us if you have questions on arrival times, or your order status.

One of the biggest issues facing modern truck owners is a staggering lack of doors. How can you possibly access all your well-curated boutique overloading gear from GTFOverland.com with only FIVE doors. Get outta here with that.

The Emu Wing is a gull-wing access hatch that replaces the rear quarter window on a number of the most popular trucks on the road. Completely dust- and waterproof. Gas-assisted struts making opening a breeze. Available in powdercoated metal or safety glass, and they lock!

*Due to the intrusion of the hinge, this product is not suitable for vehicles that carry rear seat passengers. This is designed as an addition to a storage system and should be removed if the rear seats are ever reinstated.