Battery, Solar, and Fridge Rental Package

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****This is for the rental of a Portable Fridge, Battery Box, and 150w Solar Panel package. $50/day, 3-night minimum***


Ok so here's how this one works:

Rent it for Friday thru Sunday for $150, and we will let you come pick it up on Thursday, and drop it off on Monday. 

So it's really a 5-day rental, because we want you to have the time to pack on Thursday night and hit the road on Friday. Plus we don't want to hang out till like midnight on Sunday for you to drop it off when you get back into town, so go ahead and keep it till Monday.

This is enough to get anyone by for extended periods of time off-grid. All you have to do is put the solar panel out when you are camped, and let magic of photovoltaic cells keep your cheese/beer/salsa/eggs cold. 

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