Auxiliary Battery Installation


      Adding an auxiliary battery should be one of the first things you consider in any Van or Overland build. Not only do you want to protect your engine's starting battery, but having a fridge, extra lighting, or a phone charger at your fingertips will allow longer trips off the grid, and more time spent exploring. 

      We can wire your Auxiliary Battery to charge off your engine while it's running, and disconnect when it's not. We can also get you set up with a solar panel and controller to keep your battery's health at an optimal level.

      We proudly use Lifeline brand batteries because of their quality, commitment to service, and reputation. You will find them in most Airstream trailers as well!

      Because no two jobs are the same, please email us for a quote with the specifics of what you need. We can build you a package that includes pricing both with and without our shop doing the installation.