AT Overland Chaser Trailer Build

**Update: Seller really wants to move on to some other projects, so he's dropping the price to $35k. An absolute steal given the amount of money put into this trailer!**
Check out this crazy AT Overland Chaser trailer build that is for sale. This is one that GTFO had a hand in building a couple years ago, and the owner went pretty bananas on features. It literally has everything you can think of, and quite a lot you'd never think of. 
AT Overland Chaser Trailer
  It has so many custom-fabricated features we can't even go into it, but check out these highlights:
The custom camp-kitchen has a hidden Partner stove on a slide, that comes out and nests next to the kitchen itself.
On to the camp kitchen itself, you can see tons of custom boxes, and an amount of insanely detailed woodwork to hold all the included dishes/coffee pot nice and tight. 
The entire kitchen swings away to let you get to the cargo area, which includes a ton of Front Runner Wolf Packs, another burner, an OzTent, and other goodies.
Also included is the Eezi-Awn Bat 270 degree awning, as well as the K-9 stainless steel table, and the Maggiolina Grand Tour crank-up tent. The tent has a heated mattress pad in it, as well as USB ports for phone charging and an adjustable fan. This is probably the most comfortable tent on the market. 
Did we mention that the OzTent in the background is included?
Also check out the handy removable sink, and manual water pump that is fed by a 19 gallon freshwater tank. 
Some other stuff that is included, but not pictured:
National Luna 90L fridge, mounted inside the main cargo compartment.
Two Zodi Hotzman portable showers
Full Electrical setup wiith Group 31 AGM battery, solar charge controller, foldable solar panel, and output for the moveable winch. 
All steps have been diamond-plated.
Jerry cans and propane tanks for days and days and days. 
In all this trailer has almost every feature of an RV, but in a package that can be taken to places you can't even dream of in an RV. There's also a ton of stuff we haven't posted, like the lighting, the custom tongue box where all this cool shit is, and interior pics of how everything is meticulously stowed and anchored and looking like a million bucks.
The only difference from what Is pictured, is that this trailer will come with Land Rover 16" Wheels, not the AEV wheels pictured.
Seller and trailer are in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and can be reached at