The Desert is Alive!!

hey mitch this is an i drive around cryptobiotic soil crusts bumper sticker in a tacoma bed
One's love for the outdoors comes in a bunch of flavors. Personally, I (Chris) believe in education, conservation, and responsibility. When I became a father, I very quickly took a stance that my enjoyment of the outdoors needed to carry an element of assurance that it would be here for my son to enjoy. If you've subscribed for awhile, you saw this in action when I wrote about efforts to replant Joshua Trees on Cima Dome.
Last month, our talented and creative pals Sinuhe Xavier and John Watson released a film they'd been working on with ecologist Dr. Kristina Young, founder of Science Moab. In the spirit of the aforementioned education, conservation, and responsibility, the film delves into the overlooked layer of life present in the deserts, cryptobiotic soil crust.
The Radavist Film From Biocrust, With Love
If you'd like to do some more reading, we'd obviously recommend starting with Dr. Young's Science Moab website. There is also a treasure trove of podcasts available there, in case reading is hard (sometimes it is impossible). Once you're done there, here's a few more links to check out:
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