Goose Gear Systems FAQ

Man lifting the cover off of a wooden platform, which has replaced the rear seats of his jeep.

We get asked Goose Gear questions almost every day. Their interior storage customization products are some of our best-selling gear, and we are one of their closest dealers. Here's some of the most-asked questions:
Do you have [insert any Goose Gear product here] in stock right now?
Almost all Goose Gear products are made to order. We generally stock their made-in-the-USA load straps and round/slotted anchors, and their fridge slides are occasionally in stock. Very, VERY rarely we will have a plate system or seat delete available due to a canceled order—we will post these on Instagram, but cannot stress enough that this happens like, once a year, so don't hold out for that.
Okay then, so how long will it take to get my Goose Gear products?
Plate systems and seat deletes generally take 6-8 weeks. Drawers and kitchen modules generally take 8-10 weeks. Fridge slides usually arrive within 2 weeks. These lead times are subject to change at any time,.
Can I custom order a system for a truck I don't see on the list?
We do our best to keep the GTFO online shop up to date with all the available products, but you may crosscheck Goose Gear's site to confirm. If you don't see your vehicle, reach out to us at to discuss.
Why is there an "Includes Shipping" option listed for every product?
This option refers to whether or not Goose Gear needs to ship the item *anywhere.* As you might imagine, these products are quite bulky, and costly when shipped. If you'd like to pick up directly from Goose Gear in Huntington Beach, CA, then you save a little money. If you want to pick up at GTFO in Long Beach, CA, or have shipped directly to you, please choose the "Includes Shipping" option.
Will you install my Goose Gear stuff?
We will! Labor cost varies depending on the specific setup. Let us know you'd like us to install when you place your order, and we'll make an appointment for the installation when the product is ready!
If I order multiple items, do I call them my Geese Gear?
We think so.

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