Atlas 46 Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll

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Sometimes it's nice to grab only what you need, and nothing more. The Yorktown Quick Detach tool roll allows you to do just that. 

Keep your sockets and ratchet in one of the pockets, your electrical goodies in another, and know that when you reach for the pouch, it'll have exactly what you need for that specific job. 

We don't always have these on stock. Because Atlas 46 makes the good s**t, they don't always have them on stock either. Usually we have to wait a few weeks from when we place our order to when they show up. So if you see the bag you want, don't hesitate. We don't want to hear you crying like a sad person because we ran out and there's a three-week wait and you are leaving on a trip to somewheresville on Tuesday.

From the manufacturer:

With the all new Quick Detach Technology of the Yorktown QD you can be more mobile and efficient than ever. With 4 Quick Detach standard size pockets paired with the same great quick roll system, and the dedicated crescent wrench/hand tool slots on the back you can move more effortlessly through the job.

Each pocket can be attached with the included 3 Quick Detach straps, or you can simply attach the pouch directly to the base with the built in loop panels. The top of the pouch has generously sized loop panels that are excellent for attaching magnetic panels.

The Yorktown QD will keep your hand tools easily organized in the four spacious removable pouches and admin pouch. This new low profile system takes up less storage space and the 1000D Cordura® Nylon construction will withstand even the harshest of job sites. Keep your tools safe, secure and mobile with the new Yorktown QD Tool Roll.

Features and Benefits

- Condensed Quick Roll for Throw N Stow

- 4 Quick Detach Pockets

- 11 wrench slot organizer

- 7 multipurpose tool slots

- Patriot made 1000D Cordura

- YKK USA made zippers

- 2 carrying handles secured by precision tack.

- Smallest Wrench Slot: 5.5" x 1.375"

- Largest Wrench Slot: 8.875" x 2.375"

- Hand crafted in the USA

- Lifetime Guarantee