Tire Table by DFG - With Carry Case

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This is one of those items that gives zero fucks about what you drive. You have a lifted Jeep Gladiator? Cool, this table is perfect. Toyota Rav-4? Awesome! You'll love it. 4-Runner? Perfect. Kawasaki KLR? Nope, nope and more nope. There is a line there actually. 

Jokes aside, this table really will work on damn near any vehicle you can imagine, and it really seems to like campervans, and anything where the spare tire is mounted at a height that is comfortable for cooking. The sliding mount adjusts to fit any tire size up to 35", and comes with a food-safe cutting board. 

Flip down all four legs, and you now have a camp table that is that perfect height for sitting on your camp chair and drinking a tall can of road soda. 

Hayduke would have loved this thing for overnighters. 

 From the Manufacturer:

Made of 100% aluminum, all stainless steel hardware, 1/2" marine cutting board with drainage channels,

can be used on tires up to 315 or 35" x 12.5"

you can use it as a small table

Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 1 3/4"

2-year warranty agains manufacturer defects. Not if you run it over dummy.