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This is one of those items you see, and you think, "oh man, I don't know if I deserve something that nice." 

We understand that feeling to our core. We see things all the time that we just cant bring ourselves to justify the cost. 

A bag like this though, is a lifetime purchase. You'll never have to buy another, and it'll only get better and have more character as the years tick by. When the scratches and scrapes from your travels show up, you'll be proud of them. You'll remember that time, in that place, and what that feeling was like. Then, the question is no longer "do I deserve this bag?" but a statement of "I deserved to experience that time in my life."

From the manufacturer:

We spent months perfecting this waxed canvas and leather duffle bag and we are proud of her. The Hudson Duffle Bag makes a wonderful travel bag. She's 8" tall x 30" long x 12" wide. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

  • 12 oz. nutmeg waxed canvas
  • 9 oz. navy waxed canvas sides
  • Non-waxed navy canvas liner
  • 3/4 inch, 9 oz natural waxed-finished leather strap handles
  • 30" YKK top zipper
  • Copper rivets