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Roaming Lost / Super Pacific / Truck Camper Light Kit

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You've seen this kit on the iconic @roaminglost rig, bouncing around the PNW and California. This is a kit put together specifically for truck campers where light is always appreciated, and shadows are plentiful. 

The kit includes two of the Hard Korr 39" diffused bars, to put down the length of both sides of the camper, and one of the 19" diffused bars, for right above the tailgate.

Included also, is the proprietary 3-way dimmer, which allows you to toggle between orange, white, or both orange and white lights. (Pro-tip: mosquitos and flies can't see orange light, so are not attracted to it! It has something to do with infrared spectrums or some other science stuff we don't quite understand.)

Works great with:

Super Pacific, GFC Campers, 4-Wheel Campers, RSI, or any other pop-up or side-opening camper shells.

In the box:

2 - 39" Orange/White diffused light bars

1 - 19" Orange/White diffused light bar

1 - Hard Korr 3-way dimmer

1 - 12v input/cigarette lighter plug

3 - 3-meter extension cables, to string the lights together


1 - Extra dimmer and D/C splitter, for separating the tailgate light from the side lights, creating two separate circuits.


The light bars are magnetic, which is fantastic if you own a steel camper. However, for a more permanent mount, we suggest using a high-grade VHB tape, like the 3M version seen here.


Plug in the power lead/cigarette/12v input to your favorite battery box, or hard-wire to your fuse block. 

Plug dimmer into 12v power lead, then your first light into the dimmer. You can now use the extensions with the orange ends to connect the other lights to the first.

Push the power button on the dimmer, and stand back in awe of the Instagram-worthy campvibes you just created.