Sunflare Xplor 210W Expedition Panel

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This is it, the solar panel to end the conversation about what is best for a rooftop tent. 

Not only is it huge and efficient and sexy, but these 210watt panels were designed specifically with a hardshell roof top tent in mind. By putting the junction box on the side facing outward, with both positive and negative terminals facing the same direction, we can finally clean up the wiring nightmare that has been a struggle for so long. 

In short, the wiring can be clean, unidirectional, and as low-key as possible, so your tent isn't ugly with wires everywhere.

From the manufacturer:

Made for expeditions, this panel is made for living off-grid for longer periods of time. With the highest charging rate of the three—it allows enough power to stay away for a while. 


Our individual solar cells aren’t made from brittle silicon solar cells, which are prone to micro cracking during transport, install, and long term wear and tear. Micro-cracking can cause shorts within the solar panel itself and can lead to hotspots, burns, and even fires at its worse. That’s not what you would want in a solar panel.


Bypass diodes on each individual solar cell means we don’t have a shading issue when compared to other panels. In other solar panels, usually if you shade a cell or two in a string, the entire string goes out and doesn’t generate electricity. We don’t have that issue and that’s perfect for being outdoors.


Let’s just say you want to put a kayak on top of your rig. Typically, most competitor panels come with only two bypass diodes that string multiple solar cells. This means if you have shade, debris, or damage on one cell, the entire string of cells will turn off, making the entire module perform badly and possibly become completely useless. Bypass diodes are put in to combat hot spots and keep the electric current flowing optimally. One would think that its logical to add it to every cell but, it is expensive. Many manufacturers opt out of doing it for this very reason. XPLOR panels have bypass diodes on every cell, maximizing its performance and dependability.


We know that they will last, we even test them out to industry standard of 25 years. But in the off-chance they don’t, we offer a 25 year warranty for power output to give you the peace of mind.


Our solar cells are made from stainless steel. Not only are they light, they’re also flexible. It’s laminated with industry leading 3M plastics instead of the bulkier solar panels with glass and metal frames. Overland rigs have a ton of heavy parts equipment and accessories. XPLOR solar panels won’t be one of them.



Dimension:  72.7±0.1 in X 39.0±0.1 in 

Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs) 

Module Thickness: 1.7 mm 


Peak Power  (+5/-0%) : Pmax  210W

Avg. Panel Efficiency : 11.0%

Peak Power Voltage :  Vmpp 33.0V

Peak Power Current : 6.3A

Open Circuit Voltage : Voc 42.3V

Short Circuit Current : Isc 7.5A


Solar Cells : CIGS

Junction Box : IP-65, MC4 Compatible

Hot Spot Protection : Bypass Diodes Per Cell

Temperature F ( C ) : -40° F to + 185° F

Max Load : Wind / 50 psf, 2400 Pa Front  and Back.

Impact : 1-inch Hail at 52 mph (23 m/s)