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Sterling Power ProCharge B Auxiliary Battery Charger

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These are the magic little units that allow us to charge the Auxiliary battery on our conversions like the Mercedes Metris and Sprinter, which have a "regenerative braking charge system." A lot of these vehicles won't play nice with your typical battery isolator, as they pull power from the alternator, and can throw a check engine light or a charge light on your dash. 

The ProCharge B takes power only from the starting battery, and transfers it to the auxiliary battery only during certain conditions; when the voltage is +15v, and disconnects when the voltage drops to 12.75v. You can also use the supplied wires to connect to an ignition circuit to automatically shut it down when the car is off.

Please note that this is the 12v - 12v version, and that Sterling Power also makes versions to step between 12, 24, 36, and 48v. 

From the manufacturer:

  • Battery to Battery Charger - 4 stage charger from 1 battery to another battery (trolling motor) - boost charging
  • Comes prewired with waterproof fuses and 2 meters of cable for safe and simple installation on all types of vehicles and engines.
  • Ideal for Bass Boat trolling batteries / leisure boat house banks.
  • Typically 5 times faster than a standard charging system - can be programmed for all battery chemistries
  • Can be kept outside due to IP68 - fully weatherproof.