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This funnel should have been invented about a hundred years ago. I mean, we put a man on the moon, but we didn't have an actual clean funnel till now? C'mon. 

I think the best way to imagine using this funnel, is when you are out there somewhere camping, and you don't want your nasty-ass oil or tranny fluid spilling out on that pristine mountain dirt. It's bad for the plants ya know. 

Also, when you are done, you can just loop it back onto itself, close the vent, and deal with the cleanup when you get back home and unpack. It doesn't get much easier. 

 From the manufacturer:

Eco-Loop is the world's only patented, spill proof, vented, controlled pour, flexible, long reach fluid pouring device.

It's unique “Loop” design prevents contamination as well as spillage which can potentially harm the environment, not to mention make a mess of your car, boat, motorcycle etc.

Our patented universal adapter will fit 98% of plastic bottles ranging from 500 ml – 5 L (12 oz – 1 Gallon).

Made from high-quality materials Eco-Loop will last for a lifetime.

So whether you need to add fluid in your Car, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, ATV, Lawnmower, Airplane or any other small engine, Eco-Loop is the only choice for no spill, no contamination, and no pollution.