SnoMaster LS12 Portable Fridge / Freezer

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 **Currently on back order. ETA early November.**

For extra tight spaces, the LS12 is less than 8" wide, so it can fit nicely between seats, or on the floor behind the passenger or driver seat. We've even seen them installed in the trunks of sedans. 

It's obviously not a big fridge, but it's still enough for an overnighter, or if you like to bring and eat your lunch in your vehicle after you've lied to your coworkers and said you had to "make some phone calls." 

And because of it's lighter weight and smaller size, it can ship regular UPS ground, so we don't have to do the whole freight-truck song and dance. 

From the manufacturer:

  • 12/24 Volt
  • Model: LS12
  • Size: 7.48W x 19.88D x 15.16H Inches, 190W x 505D x 385H mm’s
  • Capacity: 12.68 Quarts, 12 Liters
  • Running Current: 3 Amps @12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24
  • Power Consumption: 55 watt
  • Weight: 15.43lbs, 7 Kg


  • 12/24 Volt
  • Temp Range 53F to 10.4F, 10c to -12c
  • 3 Amps Fixed Draw, average run time 12 hours in 24
  • Micro Danfoss Compressor
  • Cut out Voltage 3 settings: 10/10.7/11.8 Volts @ 12 V DC
  • Interior LED Light
  • 3 min delay protection start up
  • On / off Switch


  • Slim line to fit between most 4×4 front seats.
  • Durable casing design to withstand general wear & tear.
  • Side discharging to reduce overheating.