SnoMaster LP96D Dual Compartment Fridge / Freezer

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Even though it's huge, the LP96 is small. This unit is just 18.5" tall, and will fit under most tonneau covers, is perfect for your trailer build, under the cabinets for your vanlife conversion, or just about any other space where height is at a premium. To get us to 96quarts, it is a long fridge, though, so make sure you have at least 39" x 22.5" of room for this dual compartment fridge/freezer. 

From the manufacturer:

  •   12/24 V DC 120 V AC
  •   Model: LP96
  •   Size: 38.38. x 22.44 x 18.50″ 975 W x 570 D x 530 H mm’s
  •   Capacity: 97.74 Quarts, 92.5 Liter (Dual compartment) (41.0 / 51.5 split)
  •   Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24
  •   Power Consumption: 66 watt
  •   Weight: 87lbs, 39.5Kg


  •   12/24 V DC 120 V AC
  •   Temp Range 50F to -8F, 10c to -22c
  •   Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable Amps @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24
  •   66 Watt Snomaster compressor
  •  Cut out Voltage 3 settings: 10/10.7/11.8 Volts @ 12 V DC
  •  Interior LED Light
  • 60mm Polyurethane Insulation
  • Movable Controls
  • Threaded Feet
  • Improved Transit Bag
  •  3 min delay protection start up
  • On / off Switch
  • Power Consumption: 66 watt
  • Battery Monitor
  • Free Bottle Opener
  • Weight: 89lbs, 39.5Kg


  • Low Profile to fit under tonneau Covers (low profile & can fit under most tonneau covers)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual Compartment, Dual Door (not as pictured)
  • 3 Internal baskets included
  • Transit Bag Included
  • Wireless Remote, Solar
  • Rechargeable Included
  • End/Front/Back discharging to reduce overheating potential.
  • 5 Year Compressor Warranty

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