The Rogers Hat

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We have a lot of customers who are dumb enough to lose a limited edition hat in a lake. We have only one customer though, who's done it twice in one weekend. 

We're not mad about it though, because to lose a hat on a lake, you have to be out there doing stuff. Nobody has ever lost a hat sitting at home on the couch, that we know of anyway. 

So to show appreciation to our favorite hat-losing-but-always-adventuring friend, we have named our new hat after Adam Rogers.

The Rogers Hat is a simple and sexy reminder to get outside and do some stuff, even if you have to lose your hat in the process. 


Fancy, 7-Panel Richardson 168 Trucker snapback with a mesh backing, and our #GTFO logo on a leather patch.


Do whatever you want with the bill. Leave it flat. Bend it into a trucker hat. We won't judge you. Just don't wash it, they look better when dirty. 

**Available November 7th**