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This is a big-a** torch. Perhaps unreasonably so, until you want to get your charcoal burning nice and hot in a short period of time. Or you don't want to wait for your fire to slowly build when it's cold out. Then, then it's completely reasonable to have this much power. 

With a 14" canon, and a 5" handle, it's big. Total length is 24.5"

It uses standard Isobutane canisters (which we sell!), so there's no need to buy numerous types if fuel if you already use isubutane burning stoves. 

From the manufacturer:

The Long Canon’s long guide pipe is the best for easy charcoal burning. It provides a safe distance from the fire and the user. The adapter for nozzle type gas canister is included and stores inside the handle.

 D - 80 X 55 X 622mm
W - 405g
I - One Touch Piezo Type
F - Iso-Butane (Screw Type Gas Canister)
C - 1200g/h (14,196kcal / 56,330BTU / 16.5kW)