Atlas 46 Ozark Shackle Pouch

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Getting stuck is just part of life when off-roading, and proper equipment needs to be on hand just incase. Enter The Ozark Shackle Pouch. The Ozark can either be used by itself to stow your shackles inside a bag, or via the AIMS™ attachment point to secure it on the exterior of the Canyons TCB or a belt. No matter how it's used, the Ozark will keep the shackles securely stowed.

- Constructed of heavy-duty, abrasion- and tear-resistant 1000D Cordura® material with hook-and-loop closure
- Hook and Loop closure reinforced with side release buckle
- Lengthened flap to securely stow snatch block
- Designed to fit a pair of D-Ring Shackles
- Compatible with soft shackles
- AIM™ System quick attach for mounting
- Fits up to 2” belts
- Interior webbing for greater reinforcement
- Rugged construction to last a lifetime
- Hand crafted in the USA

- Lifetime Guarantee



The Ozark Overland Trail (High Water Mark Trail) is located in the Ozark National Forest. The National Forest envelops most of the northwest section quadrant of Arkansas. To the north you have the Buffalo River - Our nations first National River - and Mark Twain National Forest. To the south, the Arkansas River Valley, Ouachita National Forest and Hot Springs National Park. The western side of the National Forest is bordered by the Boston Mountains and several State Parks. The Eastern side will lead you to Wooly Hollow State Park and eventually the Mississippi River Basin (after lots of farm land!). The Ozarks have a rich history, apparent with a stop at any rural cemetery or homestead.