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This is the stove that got us stoked on Kovea in the beginning, but a better version!

At just under 3" tall, this unit is by far the thinnest dual-burner stove we've ever seen. It will slide in just about anywhere in your car or van or rig when you are packing, and takes up such a small space you hardly have to think about it. 

You can also get the Slim Twin Carry Case, which adds a layer of padding to protect your stove. Plus, it looks good ya know? 

Another thing we absolutely love about this stove is the burner profile. Kovea has worked up some sort of wizard magic in the way that the flame is distributed, and it creates an even and controllable heat that works extremely well regardless of the pot or pan you are using. 

It's got a one-touch piezo ignition, and separate controls for each burner. 

From the manufacturer:

Lightweight and compact, the Kovea Slim Twin propane stove boasts a low profile that stores and travels easily for all your backcountry adventures adventures.

This is the same great stove as the Original Slim Twin, but with a dedicated side mont propane arm. This means it's a propane only stove, but allieviates the need for legs and fuel adapters, reducing the price, and allowing for more versatile use on a variety of surfaces.

  • Two 10,500 BTU burners with fully adjustable flame control for excellent simmering capability
  • Powerful burners and 3-sided windscreen for windy conditions
  • Strong, nickel-coated steel cooking grate is built to hold your pots, griddles and skillets
  • Removable lid allows you to use a variety of pots and pans
  • Piezo-ignition
  • Includes a regulator adaptor for a 1 lb. propane cylinder
Fuel Type
Auto Ignition
Heat Output (per burner)
10,500 british thermal units
Burn Time (Max Flame)
1 hr. 50 min. (per 1 lb. propane tank)
Average Boil Time (1L)
3 minutes
21.25 x 13.5 x 3 inches
Distance Between Burners
11 inches
9 lbs. 8 oz.