McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount Cover

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Keep your Hammock Mount looking and working like the day you got it! This heavy duty vinyl cover will minimize damage from road debris and weather to your Hammock Mount investment. It can be installed and removed in seconds with secure velcro straps. 


This accessory is highly recommended for extreme environmental conditions, full time users, or anyone looking to keep their Hammock Mount sparkling like new.


This cover fits the following models:

2019 Hammock Mount

2019 Hammock Mount with Extension

previous models with fixed frame (no angular adjustment)

* The cover can fit earlier model adjustable frames, however, the fitment is not ideal.


This cover does NOT fit the Bare Bones Hammock Mount.


Note: As shown in the photos, the vinyl will show some marks from the manufacturing process. They are new, unused products. This is a byproduct of the heavy vinyl used for the covers.