Kovea Triple Stainless Camp Cook Set Large

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This is one of those sets we wish we had 3 years ago. A product that you see, and you're like "daaamn. Where has this been all my life?"

From the first lift, it just feels good. You know like when you pick up a nice piece of glassware in a fancy restaurant, or a well-made canvas bag. They just have that weighty, balanced feel that makes you know it's quality.  

From the manufacturer:

Aluminum conducts heat incredibly well but lacks adequate heat retention.

Stainless Steel retains heat for an incredibly long time but does a poor job of distributing it evenly

By layering the aluminum between the stainless you achieve a pan that holds heat and distributes it from the cook surface to the top of the rim.

Two type of stainless Kovea takes this a step further with this kit, by utilizing 18/10 stainless for the inner layer, and 430 Series for the outer layer you get improved stick resistance and durability on the inside.