Kovea Slim Twin Any-Fuel Stove

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By far one of the most useful stoves we've come across in our travels. In fact, the Slim Twin is the stove that introduced us to Kovea in the first place!

With a design that is so thin and adaptable, we can honestly say there's not another stove on the market that comes close to this in design and possibilities. 

When packed up, the stove shrinks down to under 3 inches thick, or 3.5 inches in it's handy carry bag. If you are tight on space or just want your stove off the table to free up room when not cooking, this stove is it. 

Using the supplied adapters, you can use any type of camp-stove fuel (see pics) from the smallest IsoButane to the larger green Coleman-style Propane. 

it features a click-button ignitor, windscreens, and finely-tunable burner for easy simmering.

Can be purchased with or without the padded carry bag.