Kovea MULTI All In One BBQ

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Newer, smaller, and more adorabler. 

We love the standard size Kovea BBQ, but to be honest, there are circumstances where it is a bit too big. Like if you are traveling solo or as a couple. This new, mini-version of the All-in-one is the perfect answer. All the same features, but in a more compact package, which means less wasted fuel, easier cleanup, and the ability to fit one just about anywhere, like in a Front Runner Wolf Pack.

Plus, this unit comes with it's own carry bag, which has integrated straps to keep the rattle to a minimum, and an extra, padded pocket to separate the dirty stuff from the clean stuff. 

From the manufacturer:

The Multi All in One Gas BBQ Grill is the perfect companion for indoor or outdoor cooking.  The unique U shaped flame head evenly distributes heat across the cooking surface. Equipped with 3 different types of cooking trays - a large pot support for traditional stove top cooking, a BBQ grill with deployable skewer supports, and a cast iron pan with a glass lid -  this all in one cooking stove does everything, grilling, cooking stews, shabu shabu, fondu, or kabobs. It even has a removable grease tray for easy cleaning. And it's completely self-contained making it easy to deploy on any table. With this portable stove you can cook anything, anywhere.


  • Fuel: Butane (Nozzle Type Gas Canister)
  • Fuel Consumption: 169g/h (1,999kcal / 7,937BTU / 2.32 kW)
  • Unique “U” shaped flame spreads heat with thermal efficiency
  • Includes 3 cooking trays
  • Plate gives better taste from infrared effect
  • Fry pan – non stick coated pan
  • Drip plate – ceramic coated steel
  • Skewer bar – chrome coated steel