Kovea Cook Set 5 - 6 Person

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The Kovea 5 person kit probably comes with more than you really need. However, if you are like me you'll also probably need a couple spares because you left your plate on the rock by the fire after dinner and you packed up early the next morning and drove off without it so now the squirrels have a sweet above-ground pool for the yard at their duplex. 
Or something....
Comes with plates, bowls, pots, pans, a ladle thing, a weird spoon thing, and a noodle strainer. 
  • Capacity:  5-6 people
  • Material:  Aluminum / pp
  • Contents Hard anodizing Cooker, 2.8L 1EA, 1.8L 1EA, 1L 1EA, Frypan 1EA, Plastic dish 3EA, bowl 5 EA, Folding Scooper, Rice scooper, vegetable basket