Kovea Camp Cook Set 2 Person

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This is the perfect, packable cook kit for solo or couple travelers. All the things you need and nothing you don't. It includes a mesh carry bag to assist in drying when putting your kit away wet. 
The kit includes one 1L pot with lid and one 1.8L pot with lid, a frying pan, 3 plastic dishes, a weird ladle, and a rice scooper/spatula.
The pots and pans have a hard anodized coating and are durable enough for the outdoors. This is a compact and practical cookset for the outdoors.
  • Includes: small pot (1.0L); large pot capacity (1.8L); frying pan (1), plastic bowl (3), folding scooper (1); mesh storage bag
  • 30 micron hard anodizing coating, superior durability, and anti-abrasion
  • Can accommodate 2-3 people