LED Light Strip - Hard Korr 2M White/Orange Flexible Lights

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This is our go-to light for van builds, or anywhere that needs lighting without having a light fixture. At just 1/4" tall, this LED light strip can be installed on your awning mount, under cabinets, along the ceiling, or anywhere else where it just makes sense. It's quality 3M double-sided-tape keeps them staying put, and being able to toggle between orange and white light keeps the bugs away. 

From the Manufacturer:

This dual orange/white LED awning kit gives you the best of both worlds. It has a great white light for camping or boating, plus an orange light to keep the bugs away, all in one strip. The orange light reduces the presence of bugs by up to 90%!

Our kit uses heavy-duty double-sided tape from 3M® to easily attach to any 4WD-fixed awning. These flexible strip lights have also been designed so that they can be easily and cleanly cut every 2″ (5cm) so you’re able to trim and tailor them, to fit any size awning perfectly.

The colour change and dimming functions for these strip lights are both controlled by a special dimmer switch that Hard Korr has developed exclusively for this new design. The dimmer switch is built with powerful magnets placed throughout so that it will stick to any metal surface, which gives you one less thing to worry about misplacing out in the bush.


  • One strip contains both orange and white LEDs
  • IP68 rating means the lights are completely waterproof (in fact they will run under water)
  • Produces almost no heat
  • Very durable, impact and vibration resistant
  • Will not interfere with any video or audio system nearby
  • 3M® adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip