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LED Light Strip - Hard Korr 2M Tri-Color Flexible LED Tape Lights

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This is our go-to light for van builds, or anywhere that needs lighting without having a light fixture. At just 1/4" tall, this LED light strip can be installed on your awning mount, under cabinets, along the ceiling, or anywhere else where it just makes sense. It's quality 3M double-sided-tape keeps them staying put, and being able to toggle between orange and white light keeps the bugs away. 

From the Manufacturer:

This 2m stick-on orange & white LED tape light is perfect for both curved and flat surfaces, and is ideal for applications such as awnings, tailgates, canopy doors and caravans. It adheres strongly to most materials thanks to its 3M® double-sided tape, and can be cut to length to ensure a perfect fit.

Easily install a permanent light strip without drilling.


Don’t get caught with cheap, poor-quality imitations. Join thousands of adventurers who already enjoy the quality and durability of Hardkorr’s famous LED camping lights.

This 2m stick-on orange & white LED tape light provides excellent adhesive capabilities, utilising genuine 3M® double-sided tape along the entire back of the tape. Its flexibility makes it perfect for both flat and curved surfaces, and it can even stick to most types of fabric such as canvas. In addition, it can be cut every 5cm, ensuring you can get the perfect fit for your application.

Using our exclusive dimmer switch, you can switch between three colours – cool white, warm white and orange. The cool white light provides maximum brightness, and the orange light naturally reduces the presence of bugs by up to 90%! The dimmer switch comes with our removable pole clips so you can attach it to a tent or awning pole, giving you one less thing to worry about misplacing out in the bush.

From orange to white at the touch of a button.


How does orange light reduce bug presence?

Some bugs, like mosquitos and moths, can’t help but move their body towards any light source they can see. This phenomenon is called positive phototaxis. Entomologists still don’t have a complete understanding of why this phenomenon exists, but it is clearly observable in nature.

Of course, bugs will only be attracted to light they can see, and there is a useful difference between the spectra of light which are visible to humans compared to bugs. Humans can generally see light which has a wavelength between 380nm (blue) and 740nm (red). Most bugs, conversely, can see light with a wavelength between 300nm and 600nm.

The wavelength of our orange LEDs is 610nm, putting them outside of the spectrum visible to must bugs, but still well inside the boundaries of human vision. As a result, most bugs will not congregate around our orange light because they simply don’t know it is there.