Hard Korr Pole Clamp

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These quick-connect pole clamp make mounting the work light range of LED lights very easy. No messing around, attach the work light to the clamp, then connect to 3 different pole sizes. Just clamp, plug and play.

  • Can hold up to 110lb (50kg) weight.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction.
  • Can be used to attach outdoor shower head.
  • Designed to fit various camping pole size.
  • Can attach to roll cages on UTV, ATV and also easy ups.
  • Includes foam inserts for smaller pole sizes.


Strength up to 110lb (50kg)
Durable ABS Plastic construction
Clamp Size H=1.9″ *W=112mm *D=90mm)
Clamp Size H=49mm *W=4.4″ *D=3.5)
Pole diameters .7″-1″, 1.3″, 2″
Pole diameters 18-25mm, 35mm, 50mm