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Hard Korr 42" 114W Single Row LED Light Bar - Gen 3 series

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With a powerful 1 lux @ 656yds combination beam emanating from a slimline housing, the XDS600 is perfect for mounting on roof racks of your offload vehicle.  It fits a wide range of roof racks without drilling thanks to its adjustable sliding under-mount legs.

The revolutionary GEN3 dual-chip hybrid LED technology we pioneered in our dual row LED light bars now comes standard in our all-new single row light bars.

Our new XDS GEN3 single row bars feature completely redesigned internals and circuitry for even better performance. 10w CREE® chips on each side provide a powerful flood beam, whilst next-generation 3w OSRAM chips (first seen in our BZR Series driving lights) burn a hole in the night forward of the vehicle.

The result is a beautifully even, ultra-wide beam of light with no dark spots or hot spots in a compact, low-profile unit.


Materials Aircraft aluminium housing
Shatterproof Lexan lens
LED Manufacturer OSRAM® (spot)
CREE® (flood)
LED Number 18 x 3w OSRAM
6 x 10w CREE
Output 11,400 raw lumens
Lux 1 lux @ 656yds / 600m
Beam distance 1,312yds / 1,200m
Beam GEN3 Hybrid (spot & flood)
Ingress Protection IP68
Weight 7.7lbs / 3.5kg
Working Voltage 11-38V DC
Current 12V/7.2A – 24V/3.6A
Color Temp 5500K
Lifespan 50,000 hours

Pack Contents

1x 114w LED light bar
1x set of end-mount legs
1x set of under-mount sliding legs
1x male & female Deutsch plug connectors


Key Features

  • Sliding & end-mount legs: for ultimate mounting versatility
  • Oversized heatsink: helps LEDs remain cooler and brighter
  • Rubber seal: custom molded seal helps ensures 100% waterproofness
  • Ultimate reliability: Design ensures that damage to part of the light will not cause total failure
  • Long useful life: High-quality LED bulbs have expected lifespan of 50,000+ hours (6 years of continuous use)
  • IP68 ingress rating: protected against complete, continuous submersion in water as well as high-pressure water jets
  • Uses less power: Patented hybrid reflector lens achieves 94%+ efficiency
  • Shatterproof lens: Lexan polycarbonate lens is unbreakable, abrasion-resistant and optically clear
  • Military-style breather
  • Positively sealed light enclosure: bolts placed every 6cm for a positively sealed enclosure.
  • Comprehensive 3 year warranty