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This. This is one of our favorite products of all time. Not because of the iconic GTFO logo, but because of what that logo represents, and the fact that this is a tool roll that will last you a lifetime. 

With custom black straps and borders sewn into the highest-quality waxed canvas available, this tool roll is something to be proud of, and to have forever. 

We will also point out that these bags are proudly made, by hand, in the U.S., by our pals at Sturdy Bros.

The GTFO Limited Tool roll is the same cut and size as the Orville waxed canvas tool roll.

Sturdy Bros Orville Waxed Canvas tool rolls:

Simple, tough, and good-looking. Just like you. 

When I was growing up, my dad always drove the most basic pickup he could find. He hated power windows, air conditioning, fancy stereos. He wanted the freedom that comes with knowing his shit would never break, and he'd never have to fix some tedious little "upgrade."

I think he'd of loved this tool roll. No zippers, no velcro, just some pockets and a strap. Doesn't get any easier. 

From the manufacturer:

Our Waxed Canvas and Leather Tool Roll is made of tan waxed canvas with blue accents. It is made sturdy enough to handle anything you throw at it. It has 12 pockets for holding all of the tool necessities. The top flap folds down, and then you roll it up and fasten the nylon tie, or leather strap. It's that easy to carry your tools around in style.