GTFO Custom Battery Box

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The sexiest battery box on the planet, designed to fit right into your existing build with no hassle at all. Just plug your shit in and forget about it.
Many different configurations to fit your particular rig. Like, maybe you don't want to mess with solar? Well, order it without a solar controller and save $120!! Maybe you don't need an inverter, so leave the coffeepot at home and the $90 in your wallet! 
We do need you to let us know what outputs you want, so if you want to double up on the USB ports, or perhaps you have a Dometic, ARB, or Engel fridge you want to plug in using their specific socket, we can do that too!
  • Front Runner Wolf Pack


  • Dual USB port with Digital Volt Meter
  • 12v Cigarrette Socket
  • Optional Dometic fridge Socket
  • Blue Sea 70amp Breaker
  • Blue Sea 6-Circuit Fuse Block
  • Victron MPPT 75/15 Solar Controller with Bluetooth
  • Optional Victron Pure Sine 250w Inverter
  • Solar Input
  • Optional Sterling Isolator

*You don't have to, but it's usually best if we have a chat before we build your box. These cost a fortune to ship, so if you have to send it back for any reason, you are gonna be so bummed.

**Current lead time on new boxes is 10 days

***Leave notes in order of your preferred outlet types. Pick 3**