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DFG Offroad Fridge Slide & Cutting Board CFX3 35 and 45

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Sometimes, the little things make all the difference in the world. We already liked the look and low-weight of the DFG aluminum fridge slides, that's why we ordered them. After using them though, we wanted to share some of the other things we noticed that made us extra in love with them. 

- Rated to carry 150lbs Load
- External dimension 27 3/4" x W:17 1/2"x H:3"
- Fridge tray Dimensions L:26" x W:16"
- Tray height = 2" from base
- Slide extension 26"
- Cutting Board: 12 x 18"
- Fridge Not included

First, each slide is, as DFG says, made to fit exactly. DFG did their homework, measured each fridge, and added about a half an inch to all sides so you have just a little wiggle room. This keeps the hardware from scratching your fridge, and makes it so you can get your fingers underneath it if that's your only option for installing it. 

Next, you'll notice the tie-down straps and the anchors for them. Each slide comes with quality, canvas straps, and each slide has 4 anchor points for the straps. Here's the cool part; the anchor points are adjustable. This means you can angle them exactly how you want them, which means you can pull the straps tighter, which means your fridge stays put with no bouncing or moving. It's a tiny little attention-to-detail thing that deserves to be talked about. 

Last, the latching mechanism that keeps the slide closed is perfect. It's a simple, one-handed latch that has a positive "click" to it that is eerily satisfying. 

Fridges we *know* this will work perfectly for:

Dometic CFX3-35 (has a bit of spare room.) and CFX3-45 (Exact fit.)

Made to measure for each Fridge, all the slide is Aluminum will not have rust problems, all the hardware is stainless steel, includes the fixing screws and 4 strap.

Ready to use..

2 Years Warranty