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Hard Korr Power Dual USB 3.1A/Volt Display

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Hard Korr produces a high-quality Dual USB 3.1A/Volt Display with two USB charging ports, 2.1A & 4.2A, and also a voltage display. With this item, you will be able to monitor your electrical charging system. The voltage output display will also indicate if your battery is holding a charge or not. With the adjustable nylon retainer, the meter can be installed on a plate/mount up to an 1″ thick.


    • Mounts into a round 1-1/8″ hole
    • Easy to read display
    • Very easy to install
    • Plug and Play quick connect terminals
    • LED Display is in Blue
    • Standard USB Charge 2.1A
    • Quick USB Charge 4.2A
    • Protective dust cap allows LED display to show