Atlas 46 Conway Quick Snap

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Color: Coyote/Orange

This is one of those totally underrated products that we sometimes skip over when we are chatting with folks in the store. The possible uses of the Quick Snap are only limited by your imagination. We've seen them used in home closets, on toolbelts, under the hoods of cars, and even as a fix to a dog's leash. 

If anything, throw a couple in your glovebox or camping gear box, and we promise that you'll find a need for them in a very short period of time. 

From the Manufactrer: 

Give yourself another hand. Attach the CQS directly to a tool, bag, jacket, etc. and gain the ability to quickly hook it onto clips for quick hang. Or change it up and go the other way, affix the CQS to screw eyes, piping, d rings, or almost anything else and then use the trigger hook to quickly hold what you need.

Features and Benefits

- Paracord loop for ease of attachment to D rings, screw eyes, tools or almost anything else

- 360º Swivel Trigger Hook attachment point

- Rugged design

- 4" chord

- Hand crafted in the USA

- Lifetime Guarantee