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If you are going to have a campfire, you NEED a shovel, and this is the best budget-friendly shovel out there.
It's small enough to fit/keep in your trunk or cargo area, or pair it with a couple Quick Fist clamps and mount it to your roof rack. (Just don't forget to take it off when you get home, that thing will be GONE in like 10 seconds.)
If you are camping away from toilets, you'll also want to have a shovel handy. For, you know. 
From the manufacturer:
This Camp Shovel's compact design makes it perfect for camping, working in small areas, or storing in a car for emergencies. It features an all steel construction and a true 14 gauge steel head. This shovel is STRONG! The D-grip design offers superior comfort and durability.
    • Fits nicely in the Front Runner Shovel/Spade Mount.
    • Matte Black finish.
    • Commercial grade.
    • Limited lifetime warranty.
    • True 14 gauge steel blade.
    • Compact design for easy transportation.
    • 100% Made in the USA.
  • Consists of:
    1 x Shovel

    Materials used:
    Powder coated steel
    14 gauge steel

    838mm (33") L x 178mm (7") W x 51mm (2") H