Battery Box Lite - Portable Power Station

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This is directly comparable to the Jackery 1000, or the Dometic PLB40. 
We call it the "Lite" because this Auxiliary Battery solution weighs in at only 20lbs, but has enough power to run a Fridge for 40 hours. 
With multiple charge options, you can keep it topped up by direct-charging while your car is running through a 12v outlet or inverter, using a solar panel, or plugging it in at home. 
The battery is a 40ah lithium ion, that takes up little space and is quite light weight. It's paired with a built-in charger, programmed specifically to optimize charging lithium.
  • Front Runner Wolf Pack


  • Dual USBA and USBC Port with Digital Volt Meter
  • 2x 12v Cigarrette Socket
  • Optional Dometic fridge Socket
  • Anderson Input/Output
  • 50a Breaker
  • Blue Sea 6-Circuit Fuse Block
  • Hard Korr 15 Amp Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Input - Plug your solar directly into the box.
  • Built-in 110v A/C Charger (for plugging in at home, or if you have an inverter in your car.
  • DC Charge cable - Charge off your cigarette lighter plug in your car.