Bamboo One Action Table (L)

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I know we tend to go on and on about the designers at Kovea. It's annoying sometimes. It's also annoying to have a s**t camp table. You see where we are going here?
The One Action table from Kovea is great for so many things. It's height adjustable from 16.5" - 27.5", so it's perfect for cooking, eating, or straight-up chilling at the campsite. The bamboo tabletop is durable, sustainable, and exceptionally attractive. 
Comes without a carry bag, but you can buy one separately here.
  • Length - 39in
  • Width -  25.5in
  • Three heights - 27.4in, 21.6in or 16.5in
  • Folded Dimensions - 25.5in x19.6in x 4in