Bamboo One Action Table II - W/Platform

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OK. Let's get something out of the way. This isn't the table for everyone. It's heavier than the regular One-Action table, it takes a bit longer to set up, and it kind of looks like the Transformer of camp furniture.

However. If you are looking for a badass table for when you are posted up at a camp spot for a few days at a time, or for a perfect backyard or patio table, this is really tough to beat. 

The stove platform has adjustable arms, so you can get your stove to sit in just the right spot. It's also a bit taller than our other tables, at 31" in the tall setting. This makes standing at the stove much more comfortable, and your food easier to see.

On that note, did you notice the lamp hanger that it comes with? Such a cool idea. Just hang your Hard Korr Unilight, or any other hangable lamp and go nuts with your Gordon Ramsey self.

It also comes with those awesome little hooks to hang your tools, and a hammock-thing at the bottom for whatever. 

From the manufacturer:

The Bamboo One Action Kitchen Table II is a versatile, attractive, and completely self contained camp kitchen system that sets up in seconds. The Bamboo Top sits atop gorgeous Titanium Alloy coated Aluminum telescoping legs to allow for three different heights. The telescoping stove extension perfectly nests the Slim Twin Stove but can accommodate almost any appliance or accessory you'd like to support, and the lantern support is perfect to hang your lantern.