Atlas 46 Credit Card Holder

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Let's face it. We hardly keep cash on us anymore because, well, capitalism. Plus, if you aren't keeping your cash in some sort of sexy money clip then we need to have a chat in private.

The Atlas 46 Credit Card Holder is light, thin, and does exactly what it says. It holds your credit cards. I guess your ID and Costco card too if you wanna get into the finer details. 

It comes in Black, Tan (coyote) or camo, but we don't stock the camo one because we don't want you knuckleheads to lose it. 

Features and Benefits

- Clear view pocket for I.D.

- Full height pocket for credit cards

- 2" x 2" pocket with hook and loop closure

- Cordura® Nylon construction

- Comfortable to carry in the front or back pocket

- Water resistant nylon

- Hand crafted in the USA

- Lifetime Guarantee