Atlas 46 Hillsboro Roll With Magnetic Hangar

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This is the model with sewn-in magnets to hang it from the side of your car, or any other steel surface. It also comes with the 3/8" velcro socket holder. This is the perfect on-the-go tool kit to keep in your truck or van or toolbox for organization. We also stock the version without magnets that is great for personal products!

Whether you need to fix your car, working in the shop, or need a travel kit for that weekend getaway, the Hillsboro Roll can adapt to anything you throw at it. It's perfect for keeping your tools organized while you work in the shop. You can also use the roll as a travel kit when you set out on your next adventure.

The Hillsboro Roll is constructed from some of the toughest materials available.The main body is made with 1000D Cordura® nylon, features two flat pockets made of nylon mesh and a very spacious pocket made out of 1000D Cordura®. You have 3 AIM²S to add pouches to this roll for a more customized feel. Since the Hillsboro Roll is made out of all nylon products, it offers quick and easy clean up, simply spray it off and let dry. With 3 non-skid zippers you can close the pockets with confidence, even when wet. An adjustable G-hook closure makes sure your gear is always secure. With 2 non-slip backed magnetic areas, you can easily hang the Hillsboro Roll from any ferrous metal location. Available with two 26 lbs. pull force magnets or two 52 lbs. pull force magnets. With that kind of strength, your tools will always be where you need them.

Features and Benefits

- Condensed Quick Roll for Throw N Stow

- Constructed of 1000D Cordura®

- 1 Large Flat Mesh Pocket

- 1 Large Flat Cordura® Pocket

- 1 Large Spacious Pocket

- 3 AIM²S Slot for additional customization

- 3 Non Skid Zipper Pulls for enhanced grip when wet

- Hand Crafted in the USA

- Lifetime Guarantee