Amelia's Camp Light Kit

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There are few camping rigs on the West Coast as recognizable as A Toyota Called Amelia. It's the red Toyota pickup seen bouncing around the National Forests for the last couple of years, piloted by our buddy Tyler. In that time, Amelia has become an iconic and often-lusted-after camper truck with a "fuck it let's go" attitude, regardless of weather or funds or actual plans. 

That's why we love Amelia, and why we want to offer the same camp light kit used to give Amelia it's signature "camp vibes" look.

The Kit:

  • 2x Hard Korr 10" Orange, Warm White, and White light bars
  • 2x Hard Korr Unilights (New Rechargeable version)
  • 1x Orange/warm white/white dimmer switch
  • 6x Light bar/dimmer pole clamps
  • 3m extension cord
  • 5m lead with cig plug
  • 1x Battery bank (uses AA's)
  • Lockable hard case

If you check out the pics, this setup is perfect to clip onto the struts that hold a tailgate or camper shell window up. You can also use the built-in magnets in the back of all lights to stick to any steel surface, or move them to your awning or inside your tent. 

For more inspiration on lights and life, go follow @atoyotacalledamelia on Instagram. You won't be disappointed.